St Ives Practice

Sheridan also has rooms at St Ives Practice – Elemental Health Suite 2, 15 Stanley St, St Ives, Sydney, NSW 2075

Appointments can be made by phone to 8084 0081 or on line

Sheridan is a psychologist who works Monday afternoons and evenings and some Saturdays at St Ives. Parking is located in Stanley Lane or Stanley Street and the location of this St Ives practice is between the Tile shop and the Sth African store.

Sheridan’s decision to open rooms at St Ives was based on having another location from clients who lived in the St Ives/northern beaches area.

This St Ives psychology practice offers treatment in

Stress, Depression & Anxiety

When talking to a Psychologist for the first time, many people who are suffering from depression and anxiety describe feeling like they are in a ‘black hole’; they want to get out but don’t know how to. Before seeking help from a Psychologist, people with depression and anxiety commonly report experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Persistent low mood
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Reduced/increased appetite
  • Low motivation
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Reduced energy & activity levels
  • Decreased pleasure from normal hobbies or activities
  • Headaches, aches & pains

Sheridan’s treatment includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy for more short term problems and those wanting techniques and strategies.  For longer standing concerns and for deeper understanding of oneself psychological treatment used by Sheridan includes Schema Therapy and Emotional Focused Therapy. Schema therapy is working with unhealthy, unhelpful and unwarranted beliefs/values that we may want to change and/or when we find patterns that aren’t working for us eg overwhelmed, poor relationships, wanting more for our life and/or needing to change but not sure how to go about such a change.

Relationship/Couples Counselling

Sheridan practices relationship counselling under the Gottman Relationship Model which is based on over 40 years of research and works towards three main goals:

  1. Down regulating unhelpfulness and its escalation during conflict;
  2. Increasing techniques to manage ourselves during conflict;
  3. A systemic approach for producing lasting overall positivity in our relationship.


Pain Management

Is pain having a negative impact on your lifestyle? Pain management can address this issue. Are you finding it difficult to sleep due to pain or feeling frustrated, hopeless or ‘useless’ because you are no longer able to participate in your usual work or recreational activities? Pain management can help to get you back on track. Psychological treatment is looking to find other ways of reducing the impact of pain and/or reduce the reliance on medication. Pain management is about learning different ways of dealing with the pain.

Appointments at St Ives can be made by phone to 8084 0081 or 0405 291 696 or on line